Sunday, December 7, 2008


I was browsing through today and stumbled upon these fabulous fashion finds. Pictured first are a pair of stunning stilettos from Christian Dior's huate couture line, offered in black or grey. They're beautiful to look at but I couldn't imagine walking in them, or should I say I couldn't imagine myself walking in them. Owning them, yes..balancing without falling flat on my face, another story. I'm a clumsy girl.

Next is Versace's pink cotton candy colored mink clutch. This one's a jaw dropper and unfortunately completely out of my reach. "Price upon request." Yeah, we all know what that means. I'm on the hunt for a replica. I'm gunna search iOffer later on an
d see what I can find!

And last but certainly not least is the black patent leather and tan suede clutch from Yves Saint Lauren. I'm in love with the zipper embelishments and it's creative wave . Pure genius!

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