Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It's a very gloomy day here in the city and finally i can take a second to breathe. I've been out of control busy the past few weeks and unable to post because of all the crazy things taking up my free time. Due to this nasty thunderstorm outside my window it leaves me with very little to do other than surf the net and create pretty collages in photoshop all day long. I am perfectly content with that. I am in dire need of a day of some good old fashioned r&r.

On another note, i am in the middle of planning my best friend's baby shower and WOW, i cannot believe how much work it is. Don't get me wrong, i am not kidding when i say i truly believe that i am martha stewart's long lost second cousin, twice removed but holy shit..the amount of planning, preparation, searching for the best price quotes, shopping, diy craft projects & so much more is really taking a toll on my mental stability. When she asked me to host her shower i was more than ecstatic, i mean can you imagine? Me and planning things sort of go hand in hand. I'm a bit of a control freak, and by that I mean an ocd organized perfectionist to the max. So in my mind if things don't turn out perfectly as planned I might end up losing a screw or two and for that, i am scared..haha. But it's all in good fun. Honestly, when i put all the craziness aside I really am having fun putting the whole thing together and making it absolutely beautiful for my best friends baby! I'm going to post some pictures soon that i've been using for inspiration for the shower. Hopefully everyone will like it, the theme is "Whimsical Garden" ...so freakin adorable, i can't even take it.

Well, anywho I hope everyone has been doing well. I know i haven't exactly been the best blogger lately but i'm working on it! I plan to spend the rest of today visiting your blogs & leaving sweet comments so don't give up hope on me yet. I just need to get a little caught up is all. Oh & for those of you that are wondering I have been avidly looking for shelters that have bunnies available for adoption. Now that i've had time to think about it & look over your comments i realize that adoption is a much better choice for me. There are so many poor little animals stuck in cages without a place to call home & i would much rather save them then shell out tons of money just for a baby from a breeder. Thanks for the advice lovies :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I can hardly wait for the weekend.  Sorry for the lack of posting lately but all my time has been taken up by work and my a-z photo project that I started last week for my portfolio.  I will make a real post veryyy soon but in the meantime isn't this fuzzy tailed baby bunny the most adorable little thing you've ever laid your eyes on?  I've really been in search of a good holland lop breeder in Chicago but no such luck thus far.  I even visited the animal shelter in hopes of finding one for adoption but they had NO bunnies.  Can you believe it?  I'll keep my hopes up but honestly, I think I may have to order one from a breeder outside the state and either have it delivered or take a vacation there and plan to pick it up while I'm visiting, like to the dells for a weekend getaway?!  That could be fun.  Honestly though, isn't he the cutest?  I could just eat him up, er..not literally but you get the point ;)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Celebrity Beach Bodies & Summertime Blues

I am seriously dying for the springtime air to swoop in on me and replace this long cold bitter chicago winter. So much in fact that I found myself googling such things like "caribbean islands" and "bathing suit trends for 2009" this morning when I woke up to find nothing but rain and blustery wind outside my bedroom window. I've been in a bit of a funk feeling much less inspired than usual these days and I knew some much needed time for daydreaming of summertime swimsuits was just what the doctor ordered. I simply CAN NOT wait until the day I can throw on some flip flops and a cover up, walk myself to the beach and lie carelessly with my toes in the sand soaking up the rays. I miss those days, the lazy days. Summer night adventures, bonfires, fireworks, festivals..LOLLAPALOOZA! All of it. I'm in dire need of a weekend vacation if winter decides to run it's course another two months. I'm not exactly sure I can hold out for that long. In the meantime I suppose I'll order my victoria secret swimsuits online and wait rather impatiently for their arrival. At least when the package does come in I can try them on and lay in the middle of my carpeted living room floor pretending that my ceiling fan is the sweet warm wind and the lightbulbs are my imaginary sun. I'm debating which one(s) I'll purchase this year but to completely honest I usually end up buying anywhere between 2-4 bathing suits a year anyways so I might as well save myself the trouble and get them all.  I especially love the pink embellished one piece, that's a definite must have and the mint green two piece is very different from any other suit that I own so that's a winner as well.  If anything I might skip the black one. I already own two black ones and although the style is  pretty different than mine I have to think realistically.  It's not like these are cheap!  I guess I've just made up my mind then haven't I?  How about some advice, I could really use it ;)

Oh yes, and I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  I apologize for the lack of posting & neglect this week.  I will be visiting blogs and commenting tomorrow! XOXO

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Style Inspiration

I really miss the days when Lindsay Lohan didn't look as if she hadn't slept in weeks due to binge drinking and snorting coke off toilet seats in bathroom stalls. I can't even remember how long ago that was so for a friendly little reminder I sometimes flip through my December 2008 issue of Harper's Bazaar to take me back to the good old days. I'm kidding of course. Lindsay was hardly practicing good-girl habits less than four months ago but it certainly looks as if she cleaned up her act for a hot minute thanks to this shoot by Terry Richardson. So clean, in fact that her outfits inspired me to start web hunting for similar pieces that I can incorporate into my own wardrobe. Not exactly what I would call perfect but close enough to pull off the same look and cheap enough to not burn a gargantuan hole in my pocket. There's already a decent sized one shredding at the very bottom of my rock and republic's as we speak and now is definitely not the right time in my life to increase it's volume.  Before I bid you adieu here is the pricing and places you could pick up your lilo duds and a comparison between the real deal & the steal deal...

jacket  | diane von furstenberg $645
top | daniel swaroski $special order <-- yikes
jeans  | dkny $89
shoes | courtney crawford $565
gloves | louis vuitton $845
shades | grey ant $253

jacket | larok $150
top | bottega voneta $580
jeans | buckle $50
shoes | aldo $80
gloves | asos.com $14
shades | ksubi $210