Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It's a very gloomy day here in the city and finally i can take a second to breathe. I've been out of control busy the past few weeks and unable to post because of all the crazy things taking up my free time. Due to this nasty thunderstorm outside my window it leaves me with very little to do other than surf the net and create pretty collages in photoshop all day long. I am perfectly content with that. I am in dire need of a day of some good old fashioned r&r.

On another note, i am in the middle of planning my best friend's baby shower and WOW, i cannot believe how much work it is. Don't get me wrong, i am not kidding when i say i truly believe that i am martha stewart's long lost second cousin, twice removed but holy shit..the amount of planning, preparation, searching for the best price quotes, shopping, diy craft projects & so much more is really taking a toll on my mental stability. When she asked me to host her shower i was more than ecstatic, i mean can you imagine? Me and planning things sort of go hand in hand. I'm a bit of a control freak, and by that I mean an ocd organized perfectionist to the max. So in my mind if things don't turn out perfectly as planned I might end up losing a screw or two and for that, i am scared..haha. But it's all in good fun. Honestly, when i put all the craziness aside I really am having fun putting the whole thing together and making it absolutely beautiful for my best friends baby! I'm going to post some pictures soon that i've been using for inspiration for the shower. Hopefully everyone will like it, the theme is "Whimsical Garden" ...so freakin adorable, i can't even take it.

Well, anywho I hope everyone has been doing well. I know i haven't exactly been the best blogger lately but i'm working on it! I plan to spend the rest of today visiting your blogs & leaving sweet comments so don't give up hope on me yet. I just need to get a little caught up is all. Oh & for those of you that are wondering I have been avidly looking for shelters that have bunnies available for adoption. Now that i've had time to think about it & look over your comments i realize that adoption is a much better choice for me. There are so many poor little animals stuck in cages without a place to call home & i would much rather save them then shell out tons of money just for a baby from a breeder. Thanks for the advice lovies :)


jessica said...

i love the black crisscross dress :)
oh, & the photos were from www.weheartit.com, the absolute mecca of cool photos .

thanks so much for your ultrasweet comment ^-^

jessica said...

oh ! but the particular photo you loved, the underwater one, was shot by john mingh nguyen .
good thing i remembered his name, huh ?

Rizza said...

i hope you can post some pics up from the babyshower. looking forward to seeing how the theme is.

nuha nuha said...

that white jacket. that white jacket.

oh god. that white jacket.

Anonymous said...

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