Thursday, March 19, 2009


I can hardly wait for the weekend.  Sorry for the lack of posting lately but all my time has been taken up by work and my a-z photo project that I started last week for my portfolio.  I will make a real post veryyy soon but in the meantime isn't this fuzzy tailed baby bunny the most adorable little thing you've ever laid your eyes on?  I've really been in search of a good holland lop breeder in Chicago but no such luck thus far.  I even visited the animal shelter in hopes of finding one for adoption but they had NO bunnies.  Can you believe it?  I'll keep my hopes up but honestly, I think I may have to order one from a breeder outside the state and either have it delivered or take a vacation there and plan to pick it up while I'm visiting, like to the dells for a weekend getaway?!  That could be fun.  Honestly though, isn't he the cutest?  I could just eat him up, er..not literally but you get the point ;)


Song of Style said...

aw, don't go for breeders.. think abt the poor animals at the shelter...:(

but i'm sure wherever u get ur bunny u'll treat him/her well... right? hehehe
can't wait to see ur new post!!!
have a great week hun!

Camille lala Wong K∆ said...

cute !
i love rabits !

jessica said...

aww :]
i love the big white fluffy rabbits !!
but he's a cutie too .

this wheel's on fire said...

I'm with song of style on this one. I hope you can eventually find an adorable little friend at a shelter :D

Young Damsel said...

that bunny is BEYOND adorable!
like, i think i want it!

hahaha <33

LOVE the blog!
it's definitely up there on my favorites (:

visit me?

Raez said...

awthis rabbit is so cute. cant wait for the weekend either, the weather is supposed to be gorgeous:)

and I see you've follwed by blog on blogger, would you like to swap links :D


Sweet Things said...

thank u. cant wait too see more yours photos

Sweet Things said...

and baby u can borrow anything from me:)

Valentine said...

bunneys are LOVE. gosh, now I miss my bunney. *sigh*

Dooder City said...

no breeeders (booooo) i love rabbits! so cute.

tanya said...

oh my god..this bunny is too cute! I want one :-)

Bella said...

Oh, it is truly adorable, and hope you can find a little one at an animal shelter.

Wishing you an excellent start to the week babe... anxious for your next post! xxx

kimvee said...

awww I've never seen a rabbit like this before! ahhh! soo adorable! :P

DiANAB. said...

your blog is like art.


and i want a bunny too. i wanna name her talulah.

i'm definitely linking you to my blog.