Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sparkle Your Imagination

Numero 97 October 2008
"Night fever" 
ph: Camilla Akrans
styling: Franck Benhamou
model: Shannan Click

There's just something about Camilla Akrans photography that's so striking and absolutely perfect to me in every way. She's so creative & imaginative, I love all of her work but the shoot that always stands out the most to me is Night Fever.  Shannan looks so sexy-chic in these photos, truly stunning!



kaitlyn said...

such sexy, stylish photos. love your blog.


legally stylish said...

everything is so rock n roll glam. LOVE it. i need that first blazer and that 2nd top.. or dress.. :)

noelle chantal said...

oh, this one is super sexy and stunning photos! :)

Zäta said...

hon är SÅÅ snygg!

LoveMore said...

i agree! she really creates an atmosphere here. so cool.
i love the second and third the best..the head peice is amazing!
xx LM

Nina (femme rationale) said...

i love these photos. so rock n roll and chic!

Elizabeth Marie said...

I love anything with a little dirty rock and roll to it. I am actually on the hunt for this mag.


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