Saturday, February 14, 2009


happy valentine's day

Unfortunately i'll be working tonight so my vday is being celebrated tomorrow but what are everyone else's plans?  I'm always curious to see how other people celebrate their holiday's.  For all the single ladies here's a lovely list of the top ten best ways to spend your valentine's day without a significant other..enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's day !!
I did nothing because my siginicant other is working.

sarah said...

happy valentines day. well i can not go out because i have no voice but i hope you had a good day x

yiqin; said...

Happy Vday! The boyf & I have never celebrated this day! :/ Hahah I dont mind though.

Antonia said...

i may have been a LITTLE cold in the boots, but FASHION FIRST, right??

happy late vday to you too!!!



this wheel's on fire said...

"Breathe" is such a good thing to have on your wrist! That's probably the only other word that I would have :D They are so addicting! I know I'll get at least a few many do you have dear? xo

jessica said...

oh !
cuuute love rock :]


♥ fashion chalet said...

Can I just say I heart and love this blog? =]


Elizabeth Marie said...

Yes, follow follow! :)

That is an adorable picture! Your blog is soooo cute!!

Update on my blog on my date! One chiffon shirt down but otherwise, it was great! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA !.. hey at least .. you had someone to spend it with ;-)

noelle chantal said...

cute photo! happy heart's day to you! :)

Zäta said...

thank you, like your picture to :) and yes the text was more or less about that i want summer or spring now :P

coco said...

I love the picture, so cute.

cashmere bullet said...

it's super late but.. HAppy valentines day! I hope yours was good!

Michael Ly said...

Oh Valentine's day...
It's idealisticly romantic but in reality, it's not a day for me.

LoveMore said...

aw how cute of you to post that link for us single ladies! haha. how tragic. but i had a great day and spent it babysitting my beautiful cousins who i adore! so was great..

what did you do on your sunday?

and yes love to exchange links..i am so behind with my linking it's shocking!

will add you now!

thanks for your comment, much love

LM xx

mandi said...

this wheels on fire: thanks dear. i have two tattoos at the moment but i plan on getting another two over the summer. one on my ankle & the other quite possibly inked on my right collarbone..a feather. i can't wait :)

LoveMore: sunday i spent the day with my ex actually (sticky situation, heh) but we had an amazing dinner at a beautiful sushi restaurant in the city right by the river. it was delish!

thank you for all of the sweet comments everyone. i love to hear what you have to say & it makes me super happy to know that people actually like to visit my blog :) xoxo